Founders' Scholarship Recipients

The Natural Refrigeration Foundation has awarded eight new recipients of its Founders Scholarship.  

The eight new award recipients were drawn from a pool of the largest number of candidate applications in the Foundation’s history. These students are receiving grants from the Foundation to pursue engineering degrees. 

Comments from Previous Scholarship Winners

"I am grateful to the Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation and IIAR for this scholarship. It has allowed me to continue my pursuit of a career in refrigeration and is an important experience in my career development. I very much look forward to being part of the solution to global challenges such as the rising demand for energy, global warming, and ozone layer depletion.”
 - Charleson Asibor, University of Lagos (Lagos, Nigeria)

"It’s an honor to receive the NRF Founders’ Scholarship. Refrigeration is an essential industry and is applicable in nearly every structure being built. And ammonia refrigeration, in particular, is well-poised to have a significant impact as consumers continue to embrace a culture of sustainability. As someone who thinks it’s important that the technologies we employ be safe, efficient, and sustainable, I’m excited to be starting my career in this area.”
- Parker Bagshaw, University of Maryland (College Park, MD)

The growing interest in education and the increased number of student applicants across the country has placed a new focus on the Founders Scholarship program. In response to this growing demand and membership contributions, the Foundation Board of Directors has once again voted to increase the funding for scholarships. In addition, NRF is thrilled to recognize a generous educational grant from The Kahlert Foundation. These funds will allow NRF to provide support for additional students who are eyeing careers in refrigeration, mechanical engineering, and/or fluid dynamics.

Interest in the Founders Scholarship program has steadily grown and now covers a broad geographical region of applicants extending from the United States to Canada, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. This broad outreach to students demonstrates the program’s value in addressing the industry’s need for technically trained individuals and the opportunity to bring new engineering talent to the natural refrigeration industry.
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