Regular Member

A company must be represented by at least one individual who is identified as the Regular Member. Individuals identified as a Regular Member receive full membership benefits and voting privileges. Click here to join.

Associate Member

Associate Member (non-voting) status is available only to individuals who are employed by a company represented by a Regular Member in good standing. Associate Members may be employed at the same facility as the Regular Member, or at an additional facility that is not an autonomous division or wholly owned subsidiary. A company may have an unlimited number of Associate Members and receive full member benefits. Please contact IIAR if you have any questions about your eligibility. Click here to join.

Special Membership

Special memberships include any individual who is retired from the Ammonia Refrigeration Industry, a student that is involved with the Ammonia Refrigeration Industry, code groups, insurance agencies, regulatory agencies or professionals working and living in Article 5 or BRIC countries. IIAR approval is required.

Please fill out the IIAR Membership Application and submit to or fax to 703-312-0065.

If you have any questions please call IIAR at 703-312-4200
IIAR Membership Application
(Adobe PDF File)

Membership Categories and Dues

Dues are per membership year. Membership Year is July 1–June 30.  IIAR Membership is not pro-rated.

Regular Membership

Contractor  $958
Principle business is installation/service/maintenance of refrigeration systems

Engineer     $958
Principle business is design of refrigeration systems

End User I   $958
User of ammonia refrigeration, e.g., refrigerated warehouse, food processor, etc., multiple facilities over 10,000 pounds

End User II  $540
User of ammonia refrigeration, single facility with less than 10,000 pounds of ammonia

International Organization    $958
International Trade Association

Manufacturer     $1,360
Manufacturers of ammonia/industrial refrigeration equipment/components

Manufacturer's Representative    $958
Principle business is the marketing/sales of industrial refrigeration equipmen

Other    $958
i.e., Utility companies, Consultants, Trainers

Wholesaler   $958
Wholesaler or supplier of ammonia or other type of refrigerant

Associate Membership

Associate Member  $366
To qualify for an Associate Membership, your company must already have a Regular Membership. An Associate Member is an employee of a Member Company other than the voting representative. There are no restrictions to the number of Associate Members per company or to the geographical locations.

Special Membership

Academic     $118
Instructors, Professors, Researchers, etc.

Affiliate        $118
Code Groups, Insurance Companies, Regulatory Agencies

Retired         $118
Retired person no longer gainfully employed in the industry on a full-time basis

Student        $67
Please provide name of academic institution where enrolled & student photo identification

Should an individual leave the company, the IIAR Membership stays with the company unless the individual has personally paid for the membership. Wholly owned subsidiaries of IIAR Regular Members are considered to be independent companies and are to make separate applications for Regular Membership. Membership dues are not deductible as a charitable expense. They may be deductible as a business expense. 

Refunds for membership before six months will be prorated with a $75 processing fee. After six months no refunds will be given. You may transfer the membership to another individual in the company at any time.