About the CEU PDH Manager:

CEU PDH Manager is a program that allows IIAR Conference attendees to track and claim their Continuing Education Units (CEU) and Professional Development Hours (PDH). This program also allows you to access digital copies of handouts and certificates.  Another beneficial feature of the CEU PDH Manager is technical paper access.

The CEU PDH Manager is available on both the IIAR Member App and the IIAR Website.
After logging in, you can log all of your course and credential information.

To sign in to your account, you will use the same login information used for the IIAR Member App and IIAR Website. 


Getting Started:

Once logged in, you will be prompted with instructions further explaining how to utilize the CEU PDH manager. Instructions will explain adding courses, removing courses, and claiming credits. 

  • After adding your courses, you have to check the box under "Credits Claimed/Evaluated." Then it will ask you to put in the QR code that you received during the session.
  • Make sure you click "Save" after claiming each credit. The application will not remember the session QR codes if you input multiple at one time. 
  • In order to receive credit for your courses, you must also click on the icon and complete the evaluation. When you have completed the evaluation, it will show the number of "Evaluations Completed" at the bottom left of the page.
  • When all sessions have been recorded and evaluations completed, click "NEXT" to submit and request your CEU/PDH certificate.
  • When you have submitted your courses and verified your attendance you can print your certificate by clicking "Certificate" and then clicking on the blue "Click Here" link that appears.
  • You can also email the certificate to yourself and others by selecting "Email."
  • If you log out and later need access to your certificate, you can visit the home page of the CEU PDH Manager, click "Print Certificate" under Handouts, type in your Member ID number and print your completed course details.
If you have any questions about the CEU PDH Manager, please email [email protected]